Each of our programs is designed around the specific age group and includes many exciting learning opportunities. The classrooms are set up in a “home-like” environment with fun age appropriate toys and furniture. Four Square recognizes the importance of creating an environment which allows the children to safely explore, creating confidence and a healthy sense of self. Establishing trust supports a child's curiosity and exploration, and we work hard to build that trust with each individual child. As the saying goes, “a safe child is an empowered child”.

We promote child’s sense of self by:

  • Developing a positive and supportive relationship with each and every child.
  • Helping the child to learn about themselves and others.
  • Providing opportunities for the child to feel successful and competent.





Infant Care :: 6 Wks - 16 Mos
Toddler Care :: 16 Mos - 36 Mos
Preschool :: 36 Mos - 5 Yrs
School Age










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