Jackie Kuran

Hello! I’m Jackie

“Actions speak louder than words.”

Preschool Teacher at Foursquare Preschool Early Learning Center

I’m Miss Jackie and I’ve been an educator since 1987. My love for teaching has never been stronger!! My experience includes EVERYTHING from Sunday School to 6th grade. I’ve even taught Art, Physical Education, Special Education and Music.
Being a Lead Teacher at Four Square is a dream come true. I have been with Phil and Amy for 8 years. In that time, they have allowed me to build our M&M program from the ground up. I have always believed that the focus of education needs to be tailored to each individual child as well as the chemistry of the group. Every year looks different and I relish in the challenge of creating something new to fit each child/group I encounter. With the freedom and support that Phil and Amy have provided over the years, it really is a dream job for a teacher. Teaching children HOW to learn v.s. stuffing their heads with information is the important thing. Even MORE important is their social and emotional growth. At Four Square, there are no molds to fit into. It is about who your child is and how we can best prepare them to cope with everyday joys and disappointments. It is a true blessing to be working for people who hold dear the same values I have as an educator.
Being a Christian my entire life, a motto I try to live by is: Actions speak louder than words. Reading my Bible and attending Church helps direct my actions greatly. Being human, I make mistakes. Learning from them and forgiving others is what I strive to do.


Reading, Knitting, Gardening, Ukelele

If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why?

The 1950’s because I LOVE the fashion from that Era

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