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36 Months to 5 years

"Education is not the learning of facts, rather it's the training of the mind to think." -Albert Einstein

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Watermelon, Cherry & Lemon Classrooms

Preschool is quite a landmark in your child’s life. It is a time of rapid growth and development. It is a place filled with warmth and light, smiles and laughter, fun and fitness, love and learning. Every day we strive to consistently meet each individual preschoolers needs promptly as possible, resulting in children who feel secure, allowing them to appreciate, respect, collaborate and function positively with other adults and children.

Four Square combines the natural curiosity children have to explore their environment, inside and outside, with structured academic-based learning.  Teachers are ready to introduce these active and enthusiastic learners to a more structured curriculum and new academic concepts in language, literacy, mathematics, and science.

Our preschool program has been designed to enhance the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of each child using a structured curriculum. The children will have a wide range of hands-on projects allowing them to experiment and explore their surroundings, inside and outside. Each day children will partake in teacher-led activities, as well as interact with one another in the many learning centers. The goal for your child during preschool years is to gain confidence, a positive sense of self and the academics necessary to enter kindergarten.  

A Typical Day for a Four Square Preschooler

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  • Exploring Thematic Learning Centers
  • Consistent Schedule
  • Rhymes, Songs, and Dances
  • Leadership Opportunities with Classroom Roles
  • Story Time
  • Eating Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack
  • Handwriting
  • Structured Tech Time
  • Working with Language and Literacy
  • Lessons in Mathematics and Scientific Concepts
  • Outdoor Play
  • Making Friends
  • Naptime
  • Circle Time
  • Creative Art Projects

Nature Inspired Classroom

Bringing the learning outside, and nature inside is a passion of ours. Research shows that children who play in natural settings are typically happier, healthier and more likely to appreciate the world around them. We desire to instill an awe and appreciation for the wonders of the world around them. Nature inspires exploring, discovery, risk taking, learning, creativity, health, social skills, well-being and independence. Our carefully selected monthly themes provoke child exploration and learning outside and inside. Children will investigate nature both inside and outdoors, on Four Square grounds, and on excursions outside of the fenced in play area. Four Square believes all people should be good stewards of the earth and we are proud to provide children with a safe place to explore the world around them and to gain a stronger connection to nature.

Easy Enrollment

Enrollment is seamless than ever! We’re parents ourselves so we understand how busy you are! Schedule a tour, meet our teachers and find out first hand what makes us special.

Core Values

Our mission is to support & nurture the children so they can grow fruitful in mind, body, and spirit, gaining a strong sense of self. At Four square we have four core values that we follow.


Parents report that the peace of mind brightwheel delivers is invaluable! We know it’s tough being away from your little one all day, especially in these early years. With brightwheel you’ll feel connected and engaged with your child’s development on a whole new level.

“We LOVE Four Square and think it’s the best decision we have ever made for our children. We have one in the preschool room and one in the nursery. We have ALWAYS felt comfortable and confident with the staff at Four Square. The staff have gone out of their way to help us when we’ve had questions. Their daily curriculum always amazes me with how much research goes into the daily activities. I feel like they truly love these kids as their own. Their Nurtured Heart Approach has been a wonderful tool for us as a parent. We have also met some wonderful families and our kids love going to daycare to see their friends!” 


Meet the teachers for your preschool care

The teachers are not only kind, patient, and warm, but they are incredibly knowledgeable, amazing at what they do, and — most importantly — they love your child.