Amy Shaver

Hello! I’m Amy Shaver

“Become who you are.”

Owner at Foursquare Preschool Early Learning Center

Children will show you how life is meant to be lived. To be a child is to know the joy of living. They are happy for no reason, genuine, dance when there is no music, live in the moment and love BIG. I love helping children discover and own their inner greatness, becoming the best versions of who they already are.


I love reading- especially books inspiring personal growth and authenticity, learning and doing new things, spending time outside, sky watching, traveling, spending time with my 3 children and taking naps w/ my cats Skittles and Squash!

In childcare we are often compared to superheroes, what superhero are you?

I would be Ironman. He is a relatable superhero, an average human being with no superpowers and everyday struggles. Because of the funding he provides through his company, the Avengers are able to do what they need to do in order to fight evil helping others. Despite his often humorous and arrogant personality, Iron Man is loyal and caring, standing strong with his teammates. His intelligence adds a cool element to his personality. Like Iron Man, I’ve earned the trust of others, have incredible will and am committed to come alongside my team doing what is needed for the greater good.


Restaurant:Barley and Vine
Coffee Shop:Starbucks
Coffee Order:Sweet Cream Cold Brew
Gift Card:Amazon
Color:Pink and Blue
Snack/Candy:Air Heads soft filled bites
Cold Drink:Vital Tea
Adult Beverage (21+)Vodka Soda
Dislikes/AllergiesDark Chocolate

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