Summer Tran

Hobbies What is #1 on your bucket list? Favorites Restaurant: Panera, CaDao Express Store: Barnes and Noble Coffee Shop: Starbucks/Caribou Coffee Order: Vanilla/Caramel Crafted Press Giftcard: Barnes and Noble/Target/Any restaurants Color: Tea green, pastel pink, periwinkle, and any shade of blue Snack/Candy: Chocolate chips Cold Drink: Passionfruit green tea boba drink Adult Beverage (21+) HardContinue reading “Summer Tran”

Minghua Tan

Hobbies I enjoy reading, jogging, rockhounding, cloud watching, star gazing etc. What is #1 on your bucket list? I want to live and practice at a Buddhist temple, listening to the mantras and learning the rituals, achieving a higher level of awareness or enlightenment through daily meditation. Favorites Restaurant: Masu Store: TJ Maxx Coffee Shop:Continue reading “Minghua Tan”

Allie Jones

Hobbies I enjoy reading, listening to music, baking, and traveling What is an interesting fact about you? I am related to the Dixie Chicks! Favorites Restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings Store: Target Coffee Shop: Starbucks Coffee Order: Strawberry acai refresher Giftcard: Marshalls Color: Yellow Snack/Candy: Wild berry starbursts Cold Drink: Dr. Pepper Adult Beverage (21+) PinkContinue reading “Allie Jones”

Joy Davitt

Hobbies Dancing, being with friends and family, music, painting, and trying new restaurants! Interesting Fact The first concert I ever want to, my dance group performed in it at the Xcel Energy Center. Favorites Restaurant: Chipotle, Baldamar Store: Target Coffee Shop: Starbucks Coffee Order: Pumpkin spice latte/iced chair tea latte Giftcard: Target/Amazon Color: Black, Blue,Continue reading “Joy Davitt”