Mason Shaver

Hello! I’m Mason

“Become who you are.”

Owner at Foursquare Preschool Early Learning Center

I am one of the original Four Square schoolagers from when it first opened in 2012 and now I teach! I have the ability to connect with every child, creating unique genuine relationships. Children have always been drawn to me. I take pride in supporting them during challenging times as well as celebrating in good times.


Baseball, video games, watching movies, golfing, and basketball.

In childcare we are often compared to superheroes, what superhero are you?

I would be Optimus Prime, a transformer from planet Cybertron, which has been destroyed in Civil War raging for millions of years. Optimus Prime is truthful and has high moral standards. It is his firm belief that freedom is the right of all and there is good in everyone. He follows all laws, rules and regulations, even if doing so could cost him his life. I make an effort to have the same mindset as Optimus, placing value on other people. It shows in my relationship with my family, teachers, and peers. I am respectful and have earned the trust of most everyone in my life.


Coffee Shop:Starbucks
Coffee Order:Any breakfast sandwich
Gift Card:Target
Cold Drink:Water
Adult Beverage (21+)Kids Wine

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