Penny Meyer

Hello! I’m Penny

“Good things take time, do what is right not what is easy.”

Preschool Teacher at Foursquare Preschool Early Learning Center

I enjoy watching children grow, learn, and develop their own identity. The excitement on their little faces, when they have a “ah-ha” moment is priceless. I am so grateful to be apart of those special moments. I love that we learn together. I teach them, but they also teach me, especially to enjoy the simple things in life. They have so much love to give and seeing this each day is just awesome.


I enjoy scrapbooking, fixing puzzles, and biking

If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why?

I would go back to my childhood years. Just to be with all the family and extended family, which was so much fun when we all got together (which was quite often). I can still smell the harvest on the family farm or hear the birds chirping from my open bedroom window. I would slow down and enjoy all the beauty that life had to offer back then.


Restaurant:Texas Road House/Olive Garden
Store:Target, Amazon
Coffee Shop:Dunn Brothers, Starbucks
Coffee Order:Mocha
Color:Teal, Blues
Snack/Candy:Any Chocolate
Cold Drink:Campfire mocha, dragonfruit refresher w/lemonade
Adult Beverage (21+)Moscato Wines

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