Allie Jones

Hobbies I enjoy reading, listening to music, baking, and traveling What is an interesting fact about you? I am related to the Dixie Chicks! Favorites Restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings Store: Target Coffee Shop: Starbucks Coffee Order: Strawberry acai refresher Giftcard: Marshalls Color: Yellow Snack/Candy: Wild berry starbursts Cold Drink: Dr. Pepper Adult Beverage (21+) PinkContinue reading “Allie Jones”

Celestyna Williams

Hobbies Coloring, playing video games and hanging out with my family. What is #1 on your bucket list? Ziplinging in the Amazon Favorites Restaurant: Wing stop, Sushi (any) Store: Target/H&M/Amazon Coffee Shop: Starbucks/Dunn Brothers Coffee Order: Strawberry refresher/Red bull berry blast Giftcard: Target/Amazon Color: Pink Snack/Candy: Cheetos/Sour cream and dill Old Dutch chips Cold Drink:Continue reading “Celestyna Williams”

Debbie Miller

Hobbies In childcare we are often compared to superheroes, what superhero are you? Favorites Restaurant: Chili’s Store: Target, Hobby Lobby Coffee Shop: Starbucks Coffee Order: Carmel Ribbon Crunch Frappe or the pink drink Giftcard: Target Color: Forest green, grey Snack/Candy: Butterfinger Cold Drink: Pepsi Adult Beverage (21+) None Dislikes/Allergies Allergy to gluten and dairy

Regina Juma

Hobbies I like to read, sing, cook, spend time with my family, travel, and learn new things and about cultures What is #1 on your bucket list? To visit Israel Favorites Restaurant: Olive Garden Store: Amazon Coffee Shop: N/A Coffee Order: N/A Giftcard: Target/Amazon Color: Brown and blue Snack/Candy: Nuts Cold Drink: Natural smoothie AdultContinue reading “Regina Juma”

Pam McDonald

Hobbies I love music, reading and creating. I love laughing and silly jokes…”why do ducks have tail feathers? To cover their butt quacks!” I love animals and nature…sunrises, sunsets, full moons and distant rumbling of thunder and flashes of lightning. In childcare we are often compared to superheroes, what superhero are you? Captain America! BeforeContinue reading “Pam McDonald”