Dimary Rosario

Hobbies Scrapbooking, painting/coloring, and listening to music. What is #1 on your bucket list? I would like to travel to Greece. Favorites Restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings/Texas Roadhouse Store: Target/Marshalls/Amazon/Michaels Coffee Shop: Caribou Coffee Order: Hot Chocolate/Dark Chocolate Giftcard: Target/Amazon/Walmart/Caribou Color: Black and Purple Snack/Candy: Glazed Donuts and Doritos Cold Drink: Pepsi Zero/Sugar Free Red BullContinue reading “Dimary Rosario”

Laura Adamson

Hobbies Gymnastics, my cat, & being with friends and family. What is #1 on your bucket list? Travel the world (with my cat). Favorites Restaurant: Lakeville Brewery, Copper Pint Store: TJ Maxx and Marshalls Coffee Shop: Starbucks/Dunn Brothers Coffee Order: Brown sugar shaken espresso/Red Bull berry blast Giftcard: Target Color: Pink Snack/Candy: Jalapeno chips, hotContinue reading “Laura Adamson”

Celestyna Williams

Hobbies Coloring, playing video games and hanging out with my family. What is #1 on your bucket list? Ziplinging in the Amazon Favorites Restaurant: Wing stop, Sushi (any) Store: Target/H&M/Amazon Coffee Shop: Starbucks/Dunn Brothers Coffee Order: Strawberry refresher/Red bull berry blast Giftcard: Target/Amazon Color: Pink Snack/Candy: Cheetos/Sour cream and dill Old Dutch chips Cold Drink:Continue reading “Celestyna Williams”

Debbie Miller

Hobbies In childcare we are often compared to superheroes, what superhero are you? Favorites Restaurant: Chili’s Store: Target, Hobby Lobby Coffee Shop: Starbucks Coffee Order: Carmel Ribbon Crunch Frappe or the pink drink Giftcard: Target Color: Forest green, grey Snack/Candy: Butterfinger Cold Drink: Pepsi Adult Beverage (21+) None Dislikes/Allergies Allergy to gluten and dairy

Linda Dirks

Hobbies “Reading, playing tennis, crocheting, and baking.” If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why? I would go to the 1800’s and teach in a one room school like Laura Ingalls Wilder. I think the pioneer life, although it would be hard, would be fulfilling and simple. Favorites Restaurant: TeresasContinue reading “Linda Dirks”

Tayshia Bernier

Hobbies Finding new places to explore. What is #1 on your bucket list? Travel to Ireland! Must see. Favorites Restaurant: Lakeville Brewery, Barley & Vine, Chick-fil-a Store: Target Coffee Shop: Starbucks Coffee Order: chocolate cream cold brew Giftcard: Target/Amazon Color: Yellow, purple, black Snack/Candy: Chips Cold Drink: N/A Adult Beverage (21+) High Noons Dislikes/Allergies N/A