Pam McDonald

Hello! I’m Pam

“Live, Laugh, Love, Faith”

Lead Nursery Teacher

“When I first saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.”- William Shakespeare
I see EVERY child as a gift from God and it is my responsibility to love, nurture and care for them (as my own) and help them become the person they were created to be. I am drawn to children as much as they are drawn to me. They constantly show me how beautiful and amazing the simplest things in life can be. They remind me to live, laugh and love in “the moment.”


I love music, reading and creating. I love laughing and silly jokes…”why do ducks have tail feathers? To cover their butt quacks!” I love animals and nature…sunrises, sunsets, full moons and distant rumbling of thunder and flashes of lightning.

In childcare we are often compared to superheroes, what superhero are you?

Captain America! Before Steve Rogers was Captain America he was a frail young man with health problems who was repeatedly rejected from the military until a self-sacrificing act of bravery made him a prime candidate for a super soldier. Captain America believes in truth, justice and that there is good in everyone when given the opportunity. The needs of others far outweighs the needs for himself. He is a loyal and trustworthy friend who will always have your back. I hope to ALWAYS believe that truth and justice will prevail. I will ALWAYS believe that there is good in people.


Store:Marshalls/Home Goods
Coffee Shop:Starbucks
Coffee Order:
Gift Card:Target
Snack/Candy:Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Cold Drink:Dr. Pepper
Adult Beverage (21+)Not Your Fathers Rootbeer

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